You plant the nut

You make unsettlingly solid eye contact with Novembius as you fumble around in your pocket for the nut, and then crouch to scoop blindly in the earth for a good planting spot. Your shameless nutplanting gaze remains locked with his, as you clumsily shove the nut into what you're pretty sure is a loamy patch of soil beneath the needles. Finally, you blink.

"Why'd you do that? I said to eat it."

Still crouching, you say nothing. (You're trying a new thing with the guardians)

"Whatever. Hey, have you seen my fang? You look like you've been around town, that is, you don't look like you're from here." He grins at you, and in the place where a fang should be is instead a dark gap in reality; a pure nothing. You see it and your sense of self spirals outward, until Novembius sneezes.

"Yeah, it does that. So, got my fang?"

Give him the fang.

Say nothing about the fang.